Glynn Wright and The Little Woodwork Shop



My name is Glynn and I own and run The Little Woodwork Shop (I also set up and run thestuffilove website).

The Little Woodwork Shop is now a purpose built garden workshop but it started out as an old 8 by 10 ft shed and the kitchen floor back in 2001.

I love hand tools, I use power tools but there are no CNC computer guided widget makers in my shop.  Hand tools rule and you get to listen to the radio while you work.

I make all the Display Shelves and Stands you can find on this site. when I get time I make other stands, boxes and trinkets. If I’m really lucky and get enough time I like to make my little wall cabinets but spare months are in short supply.

Collapsible Display Shelf

SKU: CDS-1100

Fantastic solid item that slotted together well and was very sturdy. Great for taking down to pack in small space and put back together with ease when use again. More importantly with regular use the item being so sturdy will stand the test of time rather than other flimsy options. I’m back to buy 2 more they are that good!